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Top 10 Referers

louisville swingers club
13:51, 2010-May-5

Slowly she began to fondle my cock with her hands as the vibrator buzzed inside her. She then pulled me onto the bed and slowly positioned her mouth in front of my bulging cock. Her lips parted and her tongue moved up and down the sides and top of my dick. She then inserted my entire dick in her mouth and started to move wildly. The vibrator was still buzzing and she was feeling the pleasure as she moved faster. I could feel her warm wet mouth take my entire dick as I began to cum. She didn't even flinch when I came into her mouth. She sucked harder and swallowed every ounce with erotic pleasure. Jaime then experienced a great orgasm from the vibrator and the excitement of sucking me off. She moaned loud and clinched her hands on my ass. Jaime removed the vibrator and pulled me towards her. She then got on her hands and knees and begged me to fuck her from behind. I paused a moment, knowing that this was my girlfriends sister. But my dick throbbed at the sight of her ass awaiting my entry. Before I could think another thought, Jaime pulled me into her and I quickly felt her warm pussy. It was wet and tight. I started to move as she moaned loudly. I moved closer to orgasm and so did she. The sex became more wild and then the door to the bedroom opened. When I turned around and saw the eyes of my girlfriend, my heart jumped. What had I done? Then I saw Susan slowly pull of her clothes and I saw her naked body move closer. She said "Jaime and I had been planning this for a long time. We always wanted to fuck a man at the same time." I was in disbelief. My wildest dreams had come true. Susan moved onto the bed and got on to her hands and knees right next to Jaime. I pulled my hard dick out of Jaime and put it into Susan. Susan bucked wildly. Jaime then put her wet cunt in the face of Susan and Susan licked like a pro. Jaime's body moved wildly with her big tits bouncing as Susan ate her out. I fucked harder and after a few minutes of pleasure came inside my girlfriends wet pussy. She felt the cum squirt into her pelvis and she came at that very moment. The excitement died down and I thought it was over. I was wrong. They laid me on my back and began to suck my cock. Usually I can not take this much in one day but I was so turned on that I still wanted more. They took turns sucking my dick and kissing each other. I looked up and noticed that they were also fingering each other. One would suck my balls as the other would move up and down my cock. I felt their long blonde hair on my body as they took my dick in their mouth. Then I just could not take anymore so I squeezed the bed and came with a mind blowing orgasm. Susan and Jaime shared the cum and it oozed down their faces and tits. We then got dressed and went back to watching T.V. Their mother came home and asked what we had done all day. "Nothing much" we said in unison and the girls sneaked a sexy smile in my direction. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of my sexual encounter with these two and even more of their teenage friends.

swinger playa del carmen
13:51, 2010-May-5

I always dream of fucking her from behind. She then got up to go to the athroom. From where I was sitting, I could barely see the door of the bathroom around the hallway corner. Jaime must not have noticed this because she left the bathroom door open as she sat down on the toilet. She must have thought that I was not going to get up and that I could not see her. I didn't want her to think that I was watching so I kept my head pointed towards the T.V. but stared with all my might out of the corner of my eye as she finished up. I thought this was great but my dick stiffened immediately when she stood up and faced towards me with her shorts at her knees as she wiped. For that 5 second period I saw what I always dreamed of. Her bush was dark and neatly trimmed. Her hips were tan and she rotated them ever so slowly in my direction as she pulled her shorts back up. I instantly came in my pants at this gorgeous sight and focused my eyes back on the television as she walked back in the room, not knowing what she had done to me. Jaime wanted to sit on the couch so my girlfriend and I laid on the floor. Now I had become comfortable around both of these girls so I did like all guys do when watching T.V. and put my hand down my pants. I knew that Jaime could see my hand going down. I then lifted my hand upwards so my pants were pulled away from my waist, exposing my hard dick to anyone above me. Since I was laying down, Jaime was above me. I knew she was watching television but kinda hoped she had looked down to see my big hard dick. I wanted to return the favor. I heard Jaime shift on the couch and I imagined that it was because she wanted a better view. Just then my girlfriend, Susan, said she was going to run to the corner store to get a drink. I told her that I would rather watch this show and so she went by herself. Jaime got up and went into her room. I fondled my dick now that I was extremely turned on and was finally by myself. Just when I was about to cum, Jaime sweet voice came from her room and was asking me to come and help her with something. I got up and walked toward her room. I noticed that her door was shut. I moved closer to the door and heard a faint buzzing sound. I waited curiously but then knocked on the door. Jaime very sensually asked me to come in. I almost died when I saw her almost naked body lying on the bed with a 12 inch vibrator. She was only wearing some lace pink panties but they were scrunched to the side, exposing her love canal. The vibrator was halfway inserted and buzzing loudly. She moaned as she asked me to come closer. Confused but excited, I walked to the side of her bed. She left the vibrator inside her and used her hands to reach towards my crotch. Quickly, she ripped open the button fly of my jeans, and my rock hard dick sprang out. She cooed with pleasure.

swinger pool orgy
13:44, 2010-May-5

It has been awhile since I have had a really great sexual experience. I do have a steady girlfriend but she is the type of girl who will have sex but does not like it that much. It is not my fault, she just has some emotional problems and is not a very sexual person. Don't get me wrong, she is an extremely beautiful girl with golden blonde hair and an amazingly fit body. She is also great to be with but sexually, she is very frustrating. I have been with her for almost two years and have got to know her mother and 18 year old sister very well. In fact her sister, Jaime, says she is totally comfortable with me, like a brother. I know this is true because of the way she walks around the house in her swimsuit without caring that I am there. (Most girls are very self conscious of their body at that age.) It is hard for me to be just as comfortable when she does this because her thong bikini is very revealing. This wouldn't matter much if she didn't have a gorgeous body. But she does. She is about 5'8" and 115 pounds. She has the most perfect long blonde hair and amazing tanned legs. They are so long that I can imagine the way the would wrap around me. Of course she doesn't help my sexual frustration when she wears the tiniest shorts that just barely show her lower butt cheeks. This girl has got to be perfect. Over the last year I have spied on her while she watches T.V. on the couch with her legs spread open and her panties showing through the sides of her shorts. I knew that she was a very sexual 18 year old when she casually asked me one day why she had some very erotic dreams about a guy from her school. Once when I was sick, I fell asleep at my girlfriends house. The door was open in my girlfriends room and Jaime had just finished taking a shower. She knew I was in the next room but thought that I was still asleep. She walked past the room topless and I caught a glimpse of her perfectly rounded firm breasts. I had always imagined that they would be great to grab a hold of and cum all over. Although I was sick, I still managed to grab a hold of my bulging cock as I came all over my girlfriends bed. On another day I sat with my girlfriend on the couch and her sister was laying on the floor. I peeked out of the corner of my eye at Jaime's perfect ass that always gets me hard. It is the type of ass that is not big but not so small that is doesn't show through her short jean shorts.

swingers contacts in woodbury new jersey
13:44, 2010-May-5

The first time Joe rewound the tape to see what was on it he was almost shaking like a leaf! Soon the figures of totally naked teenagers were casually walking into the shower! All shapes and sizes, every girl in the school was eventually caught by Joe's secret camera. Being as the girls were eighteen years old, Joe was surprised at the huge differences in tit shape as well as the different thickness of pubic hair. The blond girls tended to have less hair and this allowed you to see some very pouty pussy lips! There was one girl named Chris that must have shaved her cunt because her pussy was completely bare! Her lips were very full and her clit seemed to protrude out of her puffy lips. She had a small but very firm chest with nipples that seemed to be constantly hard, and quite naturally she quickly became one of Joe's favorites! A dark haired Italian girl named Jenny, on the other hand, had big boobs and a really hairy snatch box. She was obviously proud of her chest as she never bothered covering it with a towel when she entered or left the shower area. As it turned out one of the best things to see the girls do was when they shaved their legs or they trimmed their bushes! Since most of the girls swam, they all pretty much had to shave some fur so it wouldn't show in a bathing suit. Watching a eighteen year old crouched down with her legs spread wide apart and using a razor to trim back her hair was the most unbelievable of sights! Another time Joe caught two lesbians giving each other a bath. They both soaped and scrubbed each other until finally ending up sucking each other's tits! One of the best things to see, however, was when one of these little sluts would wash her pussy! The little blond with the shaved bush and big clit would always first use a wash rag and then a her finger right inside her lips, and once when she was alone she fingered her clit to an orgasm! You could clearly see her clit protruding from her crack, and it was the biggest clit Joe had ever seen in his life! Probably the most exciting thing that happened, was a very unexpected visitor to the girl's shower. After everyone had left for the day, Joe was startled to see Miss Jameson, the volleyball coach, stroll in and use the public showers. She was in her mid thirties and had an incredible body, and on many occasions Joe had fantasized about how she looked in the raw, and now here she was standing under a stream of hot water rubbing and scrubbing her beautiful body unaware of the prying eyes watching her. This was too much even for Joe, so he pulled his dick out right in the van and blew a load watching the pretty teacher cleaning her cunt! Most of these girls were from rich households and seemed not to have a care in the world! If only they could knew that they were being recorded during their most intimate moments.......

swingers thumbnails
13:44, 2010-May-5

Joe had been a janitor at Wickman School For Girls for about three years, and while the pay wasn't the greatest, being a young single guy he didn't have many needs. Besides, the scenery at the school was nothing short of spectacular! The little bitches who attended the exclusive private school never even gave him a second glance, and as far as they were concerned he didn't even exist, but that was O.K. with him because it gave him the perfect cover for his one and only hobby, trying to see these little sluts with their panties down! Their were really only three places that Joe knew the girls took off their clothes, in their own dorm rooms, in the bathroom, and in the main shower area and locker room. After careful evaluation, Joe soon figured out that the shower was by far the best place to make his attempt as all of the girls would be totally nude. The bathrooms had stalls and the girls wouldn't be totally disrobed, and it would be almost impossible to see much in the dorm rooms, and it would be much too risky for the limited rewards. The shower had several other things going for it, the first being that the large janitor's closet was directly adjacent to the shower and could be used as the nerve center for his spying activities, and also since he was the janitor, he could go into the shower room and make any modifications he needed to carry out his plan. Joe decided that the best way to see the girls was to use a hidden camera shooting directly into the shower room. The problem was how to disguise it! It would be easy to drill a hole up by the shower room ceiling through to the janitor's closet, the trick would be hiding the hole and the lens of the camera. Along the ceiling in the shower was a hot air duct that was on the same wall as the closet, so by drilling a hole from the closet through the duct work Joe was then able to fit a remote control camera behind the metal grid on the air duct. When the system was operational it was nearly invisible to the naked eye! Joe now had a perfect view of the whole shower room! He set up a portable VCR and monitor in the back of his van, and with a range of 300 feet Joe could park a good distance from the gymnasium and still get good reception! Before he would get out of his truck in the morning, he would flip on the recorder with and eight hour tape so that any action that took place would be taped for later viewing at his leisure.

swingers wife darlene
13:44, 2010-May-5

I then laid down on my back as 5 guys circled me2 shoving there dicks in my pussy while 2 jacked off and the last shoved his dick in my mouth. Then I felt something being stuck in my ass. At first I thought a dick but it was cold for one and way bigger that a dick. Later I found out it was a beer bottle. I was completely stuffed. The pleaser was unbelievable as I was fucked hard in every hole. Soon the dicks in my pussy started to pulse then the first guy shot his cum all over my stomach filling my naval with a little pool while the guy in my mouth came all over my face. I swallowed what little got in my mouth but most was on my chin and cheeks. Then the other guy who was fucking my pussy came all over my breasts. I felt so used all covered with cum, more dipping from my pussy and a bottle in my ass. Then the bottle was removed and I saw a guy stick I 40 oz beer bottle in my dripping pussy. Then he stuck his own cock in my ass and as he fucked me his pelvis pushed the bottle in. just then both guys who where jacking off came all over my face and breasts. And 2 more replaced them. While one guy came up to fuck my mouth. With my pussy being stuffed to the limit by the bottle and I dick in my ass and mouth I came again. I felt just like a little whore fucking a huge group of guys I don't even know. After everyone in the entire room had cum at least twice they all left leaving me completely covered in hot cum with at least 30 orgasms dripping out of my ass and pussy. Then another group came in with a briefcase. They pulled out a clear rubber tube and stuck one end in my ass and the other in my mouth and told me to suck. Reluctantly I did and cum filled the tube and poured into my mouth. It was really warm and thick but I liked the taste and swallowed every bit. As I sucked the cum out of my well fucked ass they were scooping cum out of my messy pussy with a spoon and putting it in a cup. Also they were collecting as much cum as they could off my stomach and breasts. When the tube turned a brownish shade I stopped sucking and then drank the cup. I could barley believe how much cum there was. When they left me my hair was sticky face crusty with cum I felt a slight breeze in my pussy and ass because they were gaping open from all the fucking. I looked at my watch and it said 3:00 am, I had been fucking for 10 hours strait. Then a man came in and told me that they made a tape but not to worry it will be given to me. I was also told that all of the 32 me who fucked me didn't have any STD and that if I wanted a job as a porn star it was mine.

swingers wife beth
13:39, 2010-May-5

The next room I entered was very large and had a door at the other end and a large bed in the middle. I was greeted by a huge man with a very deep voice. All he was wearing was a bathrobe and it was very apparent to me that this isn't what I was expecting when I filled out the application. But on the other hand I was horny and this guy is very handsome so I figured I would fuck him. Without request I opened his robe and started to suck his dick. It was much larger than the other mans so I couldn't get the whole thing in my mouth. After a little while of sucking his cock I started to rub my clit through my silk thong. Now my pussy was really burning to be fucked so I slipped my panties off and started to finger fuck my throbbing pussy. He saw this and stood me up and walked me to the bed. He pulled my top and my skirt off then proceeded to lick and finger my little pussy. He really knew what he was doing and in no time I was quivering and moaning as a long awaited orgasm flowed through my entire body. I nearly passed out it felt so good. When I recovered he was just sticking his huge dick in my shaved little pussy. He first teased by rubbing up and down but then in one giant push he was completely inside me. It was more filled then I had ever been in my entire life. He stayed in my pussy like that for a few secants before pulling almost completely out and shoving it all the way back in. after doing that 3 more times he started to fuck my pussy at full speed. I couldn't believe how fucking good it felt and I caught myself screaming "fuck me ,oh god fuck my pussy". now he was holding my ankles up as his dick deeply hammered my pussy. I was moaning loudly as another orgasm rushed though my body. I was quivering and my pussy squeezed his dick hard enough to make him shoot his load deep inside my pussy. Again I started blacking out and when I woke up their was more than 30 men in the room all starring at me lying spread eagle on the bed, my pussy red and leaking cum from the last guy who fucked me. Then one walked up and laid down on the bed next to him and instructed me to ride him. I was so horny I was on him instantly riding him as hard as I could. He reached back and started to finger my ass; I had never had sex in the ass but his finger felt really good and before long he put another finger up my virgin ass. I was about to cum when I felt another dick taking the place of the other guys fingers and pounding my ass. Then another dampening my moans as it slid in my mouth. I felt like such a slut fucking 3 guys at once while others looked on. The 2 new dicks pushed me over the edge as I came trying unsuccessfully to scream because it felt soooo good. It didn't take long for the guys to cum shooting a load in my ass, my mouth, and my pussy adding to the cum already in there. As they pulled out their spent dicks a few more guys took there place this time I rode one in my ass while I sucked another. My legs spread open exposing the greasy cum covered mess that is my pussy. The smell of sex was everywhere and just then the dick in my ass started pulsing sending me though another orgasm as he shot his balls supply of cum into my ass. I pulled off my ass gaping open and a bit of cum dripped out when the guy in my mouth saw this he came so hard and fast it slipped out shooting hot jizz all over my face.

swingers wife karen
13:39, 2010-May-5

My name is Nichole and I have to tell you how I got my new job. I was online looking for a jog when one caught my eye. It was looking for young actors with no experience required. I thought that sounded good so I went to the online application and filled it out. It asked a lot of questions that I might of thought were inappropriate at any other time but I was ecstatic with joy at the thought of being an actress. It asked things like my physical stats as I filled out blonde hair, green eyes, 110lbs, 5'10", 19 years old, b32 cup size, 6 dress size and last it asked about any piercing on my body. I answered 2 on each ear, naval, nipples, and clit. Then it asked things like are you on birth control and are you a virgin to which I answered yes and no. the only other question I remember was how many men have you had sex with? I answered 3 and 1 girl. I submitted the form and started dreaming of my career in acting. About a week later I got an e-mail from them saying I was one of the applicants who qualified and to go for the interview next Friday. On Friday I wanted to look my best so I took a shower, shaved my legs and pussy (something I have been doing since my first sexual relationship when I was 15). I put on my favorite white miniskirt and a white tube top to match as well as makeup. To bring out my eyes I wear blue eye liner and to bring out my lips I wear lip gloss. I drove down to the address given and went inside. It was a nice looking lobby with some pictures of the owner and other management on one wall. I went to the counter and told the woman who I was and she immediately said to go into the next room for a few simple tests to see your acting skills. When I entered a tall skinny guy with dark hair asked me to sign a few things before we start. One stated that they had the right to video tape any or all of the events that take place. Another that all the information on the application was true and correct. When I signed all those he did a very unexpected thing by dropping his pants and asking my to suck his dick off. I didn't think this was a test but I thought it would help if I sucked his cock so I got on my knees and put his dick in my mouth and started sucking. At first it was just something to get a job but as his dick hardened and grew in my mouth I started to get a bit wet. I was now sucking his dick as hard as I could and had been for a few minutes but he still hadn't cum. I couldn't believe how much stamina he had; I used to think I wanted to have a boyfriend like this but now I am not too sure. Finally he started to really get into it and he started to fuck my mouth as his dick pulsed and shot stream after stream of hot sperm into my mouth. I swallowed all of cum and then stood up. He said good job as he put his dick away. I was somewhat disappointed because my pussy was aching to be fucked. He told me to go into the next room and wait for the next test.

swingers porno video
13:39, 2010-May-5

"Thanks, girls. That was fucking wonderful. But I'd get some clothes on if I were you. You've got to be a bit careful, you know." And with that he disappeared out of the clearing leaving the girls there, naked, looking at each other. "Wow, how do you feel then? Steph asked Sue. "Completely shagged out, but satisfied. Wasn't that absolutely great? Jesus, Steph, you should see yourself. You're covered in spunk." "Mmm, yeah, I am, aren't I?" Steph replied, tasting a little of the rapidly thinning fluid dribbling across her face. She pulled her knickers out of her shoulder bag and used them, as best she could to dry herself. Not easy because her knickers were still rather damp. The smell of sex was everywhere in the clearing. "Hell, he's gone off with my knickers," Sue said and then they both burst out laughing. "Oh well, he's welcome to them, I suppose. I'll have to be a bit careful on the way home though." "Don't worry, I'll join you. Neither of us will wear knickers again today. Should be quite an exciting walk home. I bet we could both do with another wank by the time we get back." They put their clothes back on, tidied themselves as best they could and set off home, acutely aware of their near nude condition, discussing the events of the day and whether they should do it all again.

swingers in ok
13:39, 2010-May-5

Quickly he began to unbuckle his jeans and pulled them down together with his underpants in one swift, flustered movement and his semi-erect cock sprang into view. Steph took it all in, her very first cock. It was about four inches long, thick and veiny, vaguely threatening. Underneath hung a massive set of balls, covered with hair, swinging free. "It will get harder and bigger than this," he said almost apologetically. "I need to give it a bit of massage." With that he began to wank his cock ever so gently up and down as he feasted his eyes on Steph's naked body, drinking in the beauty of those lovely firm tits, pointed nipples and the promises contained between her legs. Next to Steph, Sue already had her hand up her dress and was stroking her pubes, unseen. "Can I do that for you?" Steph asked and he nodded, dumfounded. She moved over to him and took his cock in her hand and found it to be quite knobbly. She stroked it, caressed it, fondled his balls and felt a hint of dampness at the tip. "You can feel me up as well, if you like," she said, "but that as far as you go. No fucking allowed, OK?" She stood next to him, opening her legs slightly to accommodate his eager hand and shuddered violently as his rough hands fingers penetrated her warm wetness. Sue had now completely removed her own dress and was watching intently, fingers busily at work on her own clit and pinching her nipples and kneading her breasts with her free hand. Because Steph was so close to him, he was actually watching her masturbate and she had never felt such exhilaration. Any residual doubts now completely gone, Sue now leaned against a nearby tree, spread her legs and pulled her labia apart so that he could see almost everything he wanted of her own wet, pink slit. Steph had by now perfected a wanking rhythm and was increasing the speed of her hand. Taking his lead from her, he also increased the speed of his own hand between her legs and Steph knew she would soon orgasm. Her legs felt wobbly again and she clamped them closed, trapping his hand like a vice. All that did however, was to set off the inevitable contractions as she plunged headlong into an orgasm so violent that she virtually blacked out. She collapsed on the ground, her hand between her legs gripping her pulsing pussy as each successive spasm hit her. Looking up to see what the man was doing she saw him take his cock into his own hand and wank it as if he was trying to pull it off. She saw his balls tighten, his face redden and then she saw and felt the hot jets of spunk shoot out from the eyes of his cock and splatter down on her naked body, splashing her belly, tits and face with a salty, sticky solution. Sue then groaned and, turning to watch her, they saw her also orgasm, her fingers plunging deep into her vagina as she spasmed. Almost before they could recover the man began to haul his jeans up and to make himself decent again, much to the girls' disappointment.

sexy milf swinger movies
13:39, 2010-May-5

"Why don't you look and see?" Steph chimed in and, pulling her skirt up a couple of inches, she opened her legs a little to display the full charms of her neat pubes. The guy swallowed hard, as if not quite believing what he was seeing and was momentarily lost for words. "Do you like what you see?" Steph said, idly fingering around the opening to her slit. "You could see a lot more if you wanted to. All you have to do is to let us have a look at your cock and maybe wank it off for you. We want to see how hard it gets and how much spunk you can shoot." "Christ, don't you wear knickers," he gasped. "I mean walking around like that with a tiny skirt on, anybody could see your cunt at almost any time. You could get raped or anything." "Actually I like to wear a lot less than this. I prefer to be naked. If you play ball with us, maybe I'll show you everything." He looked closely at her nipples which were protruding through the thin fabric of her vest and licked his lips. "Where did you have in mind?" he croaked. "Follow us," said Sue, "but before we go I seem to have lost a bit of my reserve. I think I'll take my knickers off as well. Would you like to carry them for me?" she said slipping them down over her thighs and over her ankles before throwing them over to the guy. Steph noticed that Sue's fanny hair was a lot darker than her own but that it was neatly shaped into a tiny triangle above her slit, leaving the opening itself fuzz-free. Sue led off, taking Steph by the arm and whispered, "I know a place down by the side of the old disused railway line. There's loads of little clearings surrounded by bushes." The young man followed, not quite believing his luck, and watching two very shapely bums wiggling provocatively in front of him, knowing that under those thin strips of material they were naked. They soon found the place Sue was looking for and it was ideal. For a moment all three stood looking at each other, wondering who should make the next move. "Come on then, get your cock out for us to see," Sue pressed. "Are you girls sure about this?" he asked. "If you're shy, does this help at all?" Steph said, unbuttoning her skirt and allowing it to slip to the ground at her feet. Then she slipped her vest off over her head and stood there stark naked in front of the man. "Does this get you hard?"

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13:33, 2010-May-5

"Wow, that was pretty exciting," Sue said when he had disappeared. "I didn't realise what a randy sod you are, Steph. You wouldn't think that you only started frigging around today." "Maybe, but I've been feeling like it for weeks. You know, I could easily let some bloke have a proper eyeful of my fanny, without any knickers in the way, I mean. They may as well be off, because they're saturated in any case. I'm really juicing up." "Me too, but I don't know that I could just flash my fanny in cold blood as it were. Once we pull some bloke though, no problem." "Tell you what, let me take my knickers off and the next decent guy who comes along, you flash him your knickers. If he shows the same interest as the last one and we can get him talking, I'll flash him my bare fanny." With that Steph removed her sodden panties and put them into her shoulder bag. Sitting there with her fanny exposed to the cooling breeze she felt desperate to masturbate again and would probably have done so but for the fact that another "victim" was approaching. Just as she was about to slip her hand up her skirt Sue nudged her and pointed down the path where a young man in his twenties was strolling towards them, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Steph quickly assumed a neutral non provocative pose while Sue sprawled her legs all over and, just to make sure she was noticed, began to run a finger under the elastic of her knicker leg as if it was too tight and was cutting into her. The guy couldn't fail to notice and his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he drew level with the girls. "Got an itch, darling?" he said, eyes fixed on Sue's knickers. "It's usually easier to satisfy if you just take them off." "Yes, that's what my friend here said. But I'm a bit more reserved than she is." "Reserved! Bloody hell. I can nearly see everything you've got. And your knickers are fucking soaking wet, you little tart. If you're reserved what the hell is she like?" he pointed towards Steph.

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Than the kids came back, they wrestled me and rescued the beautiful princess. at 8 the kids were in bed, Naomi and I came down the stairs. We played some games at the table and after a while she wanted to watch a movie, so went to the couch. The movie was scary and she came closer and repeatedly she burried her face in my chest not to see a a scene. I put one hand around her shoulder, then she started to turn away from me, by her turning my hand slipped to her left breast and I lifted my hand. She asked: "please, don't let go, it's scary". I put my hand on her shoulder again and she started to turn again. With fascination I saw I started to hold a firm 18 year old breast. I massaged it very gently and she put her hand on my leg again. When she actually touched my dick, it was rock hard and I jumped. "This is wrong," I said "you need a boy your own age to gradually discover the fun of sexual attraction and I'm happily married. Sexually I passed second base already decades ago and I can not turn back." She said she had thought about that and that she was not prepared to fuck but since she really wanted me she would perform oral and manual sex and that she would be open to receive likewise. She looked in my eyes and started to unbutton my pants pulling me closer to the couch. I felt shaky and told her so. "You sit down on the couch then" she said and she kneeled in front of me. She pulled my boxershort down and kissed my dick. She looked at me and asked me for instructions since she wanted to do it right the first time. I gave her the list my turn-on's. 1) Give me the feeling that you really want it and that you enjoy it. 2) Show me that you want me to have pleasure by looking at me and by reacting to my sounds and movements. 3) A blowjob concerns not just the top of the dick, but all of it, the balls and all the surrounding areas. 4) Warm me up with a striptease and give oral sex, just with your panties on. 5) Give me a view of your breasts and when I try to reach them or your pussy, help me eagerly 6) Show that you try to deepthroat me but don't overdo it. gagging does not work for me 7) Swallow. I could have skipped all but no. 7, because I was so hot that I came immediately. She swallowed and continued to work the list. So I had to ask her for a break. She lay down next to me, so I could carress her breasts. She got me a beer, took a sip and kissed me, letting the beer dribble into my mouth. After half an hour, she got down on her knees again, she remembered my list well and I was better prepared. She sucked my cock for half an hour and then I took her pony tail and started to face fuck her. Her eyes got wide so I stopped and asked her if she was OK. She said she was supprised by my force but that she wanted me to go on. So I put my cock back in her mouth, had both hands on her cute head and fucked her face good. After me coming and her swallowing, she thanked me,..., she thanked me. An 18 year gorgeous looking girl thanked me for fucking her face. That night we slept both in the guestroom, I Iicked her pussy and watched her come and come again. She asked me to fuck her. When I declined she offered a try at her ass. I asked if she really wanted that. She said; no. I fell asleep while she was licking my balls after I came for the third time in her mouth that night. At six I went to my own bed and was awakened by my wife (returned from the hospital) and Naomi who had together prepared me a breakfast on bed. "How did Naomi do" my wife asked and I told her she could help out a next time without a problem.

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The situation remained a bit uncomfortable, I paid her and we said goodbye. At the door she turned around and said: don't tease me like I'm a little girl. Now I felt ashamed and told her that for me the situation was also confusing. That she was not the little girl anymore who could join in play-fighting with the kids, since I no longer felt comfortable to grab here without having to worry where my hands were located, no tickling etc.. I told her I missed her being a little kid and on the other hand admired here for growing up as a beautiful woman. With woman different rules apply than with little girls. Again she hugged me and told me that she understood, that she missed fighting and holding me as well. Bursting out with laughter she said: "I'm holding you while telling you I miss holding you, that's funny". She kept her head against my shoulder. "So you think I'm beautiful? My breasts are smaller than your wife's, I tried her bra." I told her that beauty could be measured in other ways than cup size alone, that the shape and texture of a breast are more important and that breast were not the only defining feature of a woman and that she should stay away from my wife's lingerie. Then I told her laughingly to get home immediately, because I did not like the direction of the conversation. She ran away, turned, came back, kissed me on the cheek and just a touch of the corner of my mouth and said: "your pants tell me you do like the direction of the discussion." With that bombshell she turned again and was skipping her way home. The next couple of nights I had some improper dreams and became worried I would mention Naomi's name during a dream. I don't think I did because my wife never mentioned it. Two weeks later my wife told me that two nephews of our kids would stay for the night and that she had forgotten she was on call for work and would not be home. She told me she had called Naomi to assist me, she hade made the guestroom for Naomi so she could help me with breakfast as well. I reddened, my wife misinterpreted that and told me not to worry cause Naomi would replace her very well. "I'm sure she will, dear" I answered. That evening Naomi came in at 5, she played with all 5 kids and gave me room to prepare the meal. When we were all finished, the kids wanted to fight me and they made a castle from the couch, some chairs and a blanket. Then they thought about a story where a beautiful princes was saved from a brutal king in a castle by a young handsome prince. Naomi had to be the beautiful princes, i told the kids that all Naomi needed was a crown since she was already beautiful. I immediatly received a big kiss for that remark. I became the roll of the brutal king, on which Naomi commented, I would like your father to be the brutal king. The 5 kids would together be the handsome prince. I had to look fearceful sitting upon Naomi and pinning her arms with mine. When I was in position, Naomi told the kids that they first could have a cookie from the jar in the kitchen and that we would remain in this position until they came back. "I will only take my sweater of because I'm hot she said" and that she did. For a minute or two I was sitting upon her, seeing her nipples through her shirt, not knowing what to do with my hands. Her hands rested on my legs close to my loins where her thumbs were casually caressing me. I felt too much blood going to my loins and my dick was growing, it found a position closer and closer to her right thumb.

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Naomi an 18 year old girl from down the street was babysitting for us every other tuesday. The last months or so she had developped into that phase between girl and woman. The looks almost entirely a woman, her acts switching between that of a child and woman. One day I came home early and tried to be silent entering the house not to wake up the kids. I called Naomi but did not see her. I went upstairs and found her in our bed. Dressed in my wife's nightgown snuggling with my pillow, dressed with the T-shirt I wore that day before going out. She was shocked, and shamed and just stared to the floor apologizing. There was no need to hide that I took a look at her breast which was exposed. It was awkward, I was turned on, but there was no thought in my mind of acting upon my arrousal. What to say, what to do? I sat down next to her and asked her why she was in our bedroom dressed like this. This question had to be repeated in a more forceful way, before she answered. She had always seen me as the grown up, a fatherfigure and something like an uncle. The last half year she really felt she was not a child anymore so her view of me changed as well. I had become a man, the lover of my wife. Combined with the liking for me she always had, she had fantasied being my wife. Last two tuesdays she had gone to our bedroom and had lived her fantasy in a more realistic way. Now she was still turned on by her actions, was embarrassed and was fearful that I would see her as the irresponsible babysitter that appeared to be too young to babysit. After assuring her, this was not the case and that I would go downstairs and give her the opportunity to get dressed and then we would both forget about everyrhing, she was relieved. She jumped up, looked me in the eyes and hugged me in a friendly way. The nightgown fell open and I had a full view of her breasts while she bent over to me. I tried to hide my growing excitement. After that episode there was an intimacy, a shared secret. Naomi and I were buddies. 6 weeks later I came home early again. Somewhere I had a slight feeling of disappointment that she was just sitting on the couch watching TV. I sat down next to her and made a joke: "no secret bedplays this time" and she answered: "not yet"... She looked as if she could not believe that she had said what she had said, and looked miserable. Jokingly I tried to take the pressure of the moment and responded: "please feel free, shall I just wait here for you, or do you need the shirt I'm wearing".

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Eddie never came back to school. Rumors said he'd done something awful to the nuns, but no one was sure what or when. I heard later that they'd given him his diploma anyway, but he spent the next couple of years in a military school. His parents moved away from the neighborhood without ever speaking to anyone about it. I never saw him again; the paper sack with his Scout uniform was still where we'd left it when I retrieved my duffel bag. Sometime in the year or so after our class graduated, Sister Juliet left the order. At the time I wondered if our one night had, you know, gotten her pregnant. But Mother Superior left about the same time. From stuff I heard from my parents later on and what I've read about Vatican II, my guess now is that they were on the losing end of a battle within their order, probably over something like shortening the hem on the habits to ankle-length or allowing nuns to use shorter veils that showed their ears. I never did get my revenge on Sister Margaret, or at least not the way I'd figured. The last penmanship classes were dropped, we all got "pass" grades, and she wasn't around when school started up the next fall. A friend of my mom's told her Sister Margaret had been sent to wherever they send senile old nuns. This was weird, because that's what I thought Ss. S&M was. And I couldn't get the full story because my mom's friends always slipped into whispers whenever they got to the good parts in stories, but apparently Sister Margaret kept insisting that the laundry smelled of sex, and they figured she'd lost it. As for me, well, I wandered through high school half in a daze, which is to say I acted like a normal teenage boy. Freshman year, getting pounded on by seniors and facing hours of homework every night, I lost my longing to be an ordinary kid. By the time I became one, in college, I really, really wanted to be a brainy stud. The brain part is lost forever, but in my sophomore year I finally made a woman my own age. I consider it the second time I lost my virginity. I still think about Sister Juliet. I wonder if she ever thinks about me.

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When she began to wear out, we shifted positions again. This time I sat on the floor with my back against the bed; Sister Juliet squatted over me and we ended our lovemaking as we had begun in, our lips pressed together, our tongues darting back and forth, lost in each other. Our thrusts slowed, bit by bit, until she was stopping on each upstroke with just the tip of the tip of my penis inside her, then sliding down, allowing me to feel her opening around me, slowly, slowly, swallowing me into her warmth, enrobing me in hot passion. Up, again, such sweet sorrow, and down. It was more than either one of us could take. I felt it again, that cliff's-edge feeling, and I warned her but she'd already sensed it somehow, and she was nearing her own peak, and we rushed up to it and slowed just at the edge, one last thrust, deep, deep inside, our bodies closer than ever, one flesh, one desire, and then the exultation, a hot river surging through me and into her body, gushing into her, as she shivered and shook, her muscles clenching and letting go, milking me dry. We let the moment linger, our real orgasms fading into just the memories so imperceptibly I couldn't tell when they really ended. I was spent, utterly spent, not tired or aching, just completely lifeless, my cock withering within Sister Juliet. I never wanted to leave her. But far too soon -- any shift would have been too soon, but this was wrenching -- we moved from the sublime to the ridiculous, for we heard voices outside in the hall. I jumped up and Sister groped for her watch: 5:10. These were the early birds; in just five minutes every nun in the convent was to be up and about, preparing for the day. I scrambled into my clothes; Sister helped. She assured me she would be all right on her own, when I offered to help her with her habit. One sock dangling from a pocket and my shirt only half tucked-in, I got to the door and opened it a crack to peek outside. It looked clear. Carefully I began to edge it open more. From nowhere a shadow loomed and a knuckle rapped on the door. "Hurry, Sister Juliet," a voice whispered. "It's our day to cook, you know!" Behind me, Sister Juliet murmured something like an acknowledgement, but the shadow didn't go away. I looked back; Sister was wrapping bits of cloth all round her; the linen was sticking to her sweaty body. Glancing up and seeing the problem, she came to the door. "I'll be along in a minute, Sister Evangeline," she said, and the shadow moved away. Sister Juliet took me in her arms then, and we shared one last, searing soul kiss, a kiss we broke and resumed twice before the sounds of plumbing reminded us to hurry. Sister checked the hall this time; the coast was clear. I was out and down the stairs before I knew it, my heart thumping. A noise from above as I reached the bottom spooked me, and I didn't even stop to check if anyone was looking before I grabbed the back door, swung it open and ran off into the edge of dawn.

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With my cock now fully erect, I grabbed onto Sister's veil with both hands and began to pull her face toward me. I was too eager and she started to gag, and her headpiece was pulled askew. When I let up, she popped my penis out of her mouth and took a few deep breaths. I thought it was over. Instead, she reached back and undid the veil, shaking it free. Her blond hair was very short, almost as short as mine, and she looked boyish. But her body was no boy's, just every boy's dream. She rose off the bed and held me to her and we kissed again, hard and hungrily, as if it was the last time either one of us would ever do it again. I pressed my hands along the ridge of her back, into the dip at the bottom, clenching her firm butt as my cock pulsed against her belly. Her hands entwined themselves in my hair and pulled me deeper and deeper into the kiss. Time lost its meaning and the only thought in my head was of Sister Juliet and her sweet, sweet body. We did it that last time on the floor, on a bare cotton throw rug, with the one pillow from the bed folded double and bunched under Sister's ass. I entered her slowly again, and her flower opened up to me a petal at a time. When I was all the way in and her velvety tunnel closed around the base of my cock, I bent down to adore her breasts. I took each into my mouth again and again, licking the sides tantalizingly before reaching the center of passion at the tip. My tongue flicked against the nipple while my fingers memorized the curves and I soon had Sister moaning quietly. Now it was time again, and I began the motion, my hips bucking up and down as Sister returned the favor. It was all slow motion now, savoring every centimeter, till we were down to each individual nerve cell, it seemed, waiting for each one to fire out its message before pushing on to the next. "Glory, glory, glory," Sister Juliet sighed, and I answered, "Amen." At one point I lifted my torso up and swung her legs to my shoulders, narrowing her opening and creating new levels of ecstasy for us. My hands fluttered up and down the supple muscles of her thighs as I kept up the steady tattoo of my cock inside her. I dove between her feet again, and her legs locked around me as our passion continued. I was moving my cock from side to side now, scraping against her walls, but even that wasn't enough for her. Sister Juliet slid her own hand between us and I could feel her frantically fiddling with herself even as I drove in and out. At some point, without speaking, we rolled over, still joined. Sister was on top now, and I alternated between manhandling her bouncing tits and stroking at her love button as she rode me as hard as before. I could feel the juices pouring down my cock and all over my groin, but slick as she was Sister's passion was driving her fast enough to keep my cock entertained. Once again I let my hands fall back and just enjoyed it all, the delicious pain. Sister was pounding my prick so hard I was afraid that she'd miss the mark on a downstroke and bend it in two before I could do a thing, but the danger just made it more exciting.

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This time my orgasm was no explosion. As I reached the crest of sensations, my cock suddenly seemed to grow numb. I pushed in desperately and got a shadow of the old feeling, as if I were shooting blanks. My cock throbbed several times, I shook all over and then my muscles went weak again. It was over. We huddled then like spoons, Sister's ass pillowing my shrunken cock. The bed was a wet, cold mess, but we were beyond caring. I wrapped my right arm around her waist, my forefinger slipping into her navel. We moved only to let her tug her veil free from underneath my head, and then we both drifted off to sleep. It was still dark when I awoke, but I could smell something. Well, yeah, that, but something else, bitter and -- coffee! I was freaked; how was I going to get out now if all the nuns were downstairs for breakfast? Sister Juliet, who woke up and rubbed her eyes after I shook her, didn't seem as upset. She was sure it was only the pot of java Sister Margaret slipped on at the end of her shift. Like a lot of old people, the caffeine seemed more of a sleeping aid than a jolt to her, Sister said. But I was still worried, so Sister checked her watch, buried under the pile of clothes on her chair. It was 4:30. I got out of bed and gathered up my clothes. Sister Juliet, after wadding the sheet up and tossing it aside, got back on the bed. She kept reaching out after me and caressing my thighs or butt as I moved around. I was mostly concerned about getting out of there, but I guess she suspected this would be her last chance at anything and she didn't want to let it go so soon. I've got to admit, my spirit was willing, too. Sister Juliet's body glistened in the faint light like a garden of earthly delights, and the memory of being inside the nun's hot box was heavenly. But my flesh was way, way too weak -- at least the crucial piece of flesh, which hung down like a dead snake. My Eve grabbed the snake and tried rubbing it against the apples of her breasts, but it was nothing doing. She pouted as she looked down at it. I was disappointed, too, but time was passing too quickly and I still had to get dressed. Sister Juliet wouldn't let go, though, and insisted she had to kiss it goodbye. And so we discovered oral sex. I'd heard guys talking about a "blow job," and I'd even used the term myself, in a metaphorical sense, but I had only a guess at what it really meant. That it was more of a suck job than a blow became pretty darn obvious, though, when my cock began to respond to Sister's gentle kisses and she took it into her mouth. Since that time I've never had a woman volunteer to do it, and the few who have done it at my urging didn't appear to get very excited at the prospect. But Sister Juliet was almost worshiping my tool, inhaling it to the root even as it grew and stiffened. Only when I was at my limit was she unable to take it all in. Of all the things I've seen in my life, the one vision that I hope will stay with me to my dying day is what I saw looking down at Sister Juliet stretched out on the bed, one arm propping herself up while the other held my rigid member and guided it in and out of her soft lips. The way her cheek bulged as she took me in, and hollowed as she slowly slid me out. The times she looked up at me with doe eyes, gazing at me while my cock continued to slip in and out. Her legs writhing on the mattress, twisting around and over each other. The sparse hairs of my patch tickling her nose on the downstrokes. Incredible.

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And then again, Sister Juliet's tunnel closed on my cock, just for a few seconds of indescribable sensations. Blissful peace again, and then a surge. Her orgasm ebbed away slowly, and I think it was a full 10 minutes before the last gentle throbbing ended. Sister's head hung down for a few seconds, before she came down, almost falling, on top of me. She had taken me in the middle of her small bed; I had to move aside to give her room to roll onto the sheets. She lay on her side briefly, but even that was too much, and I slid right to the end of the bed, rising onto my side as she slumped face down, arms curling around the one small pillow. I was, somehow, still erect, and the perfect globes of Sister Juliet's naked ass were too tempting. I rolled on top of her, my cock resting in the valley between those beautiful mounds. Stroking up and down, I kissed her slick back gently. She began to stir when I reached the nape of her neck, and a sigh escaped when my tongue found her ear. If I were given to boasting, I'd say I discovered anal sex then. Truth is the thought of putting my tool there would never have occurred to me, and if anyone had mentioned it I'm sure I would have been repulsed. (OK, the full truth is I've never done it to this day. Always had enough to keep myself occupied without it, I guess.) What did happen is that the combination of sweat and cum had Sister's ass so slippery that on one stroke my cock went down instead of forward, and we accidentally discovered doggie style. At first my cock just rode over the entrance to her tunnel, but Sister Juliet began to shimmy against it and from somewhere got the strength to rise onto her knees, waving that perfect butt up at me. It was easier to aim from that angle, and my pole slipped into her in one push. She was so lubricated by then, though, that I kept sliding out. I leaned forward and grabbed on to her breasts from behind, pushing my pole as deep into her as I could and restraining my movements to short strokes. That worked great, and we got back into a rhythm, twitching together. In this new position, I found a different kind of friction, too, helped along when Sister put one hand onto my cock, stroking it as it left her body. When she ran her fingertips along the bottom of it I almost shot, but I grimaced and held back, sliding back into her for a few moments to let the feeling pass. That gave me some extra time, but not much. A few short strokes later and I could feel the feeling again. I picked up the pace, pounding my cock into Sister Juliet. Long years in the Church must have given us strong knees, because neither one of us weakened despite what had become hours of passion. Sister's head was burrowed into her thin pillow, and her veil had become matted to her back. There wasn't a part of her, or me, that wasn't soaking wet and hot as flame. The sweat was running so hard I had to snort to clear my nose, and my knees were threatening to slip on the sheets, but I held on and continued to blast away.

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